About Us

We started with a simple idea: to create a centre that has a positive impact on the lives of others. Our workshops and courses are designed to help and grow any seekers to gain knowledge and understanding about themselves and their purpose.

Tranquil therapy rooms situated in Bathurst / Port Alfred, Eastern Cape create the perfect environment for relaxation, healing and relieving stress. Our Holistic Therapies offer a range of services and products to assist in resolving issues and relieving tension in the body.

Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do.


Maya Stricker is a qualified Healing Therapist, versed in modaities such as Crystal Healing, Huana Signatures, Integrated Healing and Colour Therapy.

She is an independent Reiki Master and Teacher and has left the Corporate IT world in order to practice and teach alternative healing and stress reduction.

After studying South African Herbs for their medicinal as well as spiritual properties she is a registered Traditional Doctor. 

She refers to herself as a “Facilitator” rather than a healer, because she transfers the Reiki and life energy for the patient to draw on thus helping the people who come to see her to heal themselves. Her personal journey of growth and soul development have also equipped her to be able to relate to a number of issues, therefore enabling her to offer the much needed support and understanding required by her clients.  

The legacy of Thomas Harvey is still being felt and his teachings are still available on CD's or workshops.