Healing and  Therapies


RifeMedic Treatment:

The RifeMedic5 machine is an alternative scientific health enhancement device that functions with frequencies, resonance, biological energy fields as well as environmental and holographic aspects of the body and its environment. RifeMedic devices are creative, high quality and high accuracy instruments that may perform various functions to enhance health.


The application of small needles to certain points on the ear where the body is represented. Auricular acupuncture is designed to detox the body and is a great treatment for Addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, incl. withdrawal, craving, relapse prevention, rehabilitation, as well as problems related to stress, migraines, pain,etc.

Crystal Healing: 

Crystal therapy is a form of vibrational medicine and involves the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. Gemstones house spiritual and healing properties that can be tapped into a variety of ways. The crystal's subtle healing energies will amplify your own, innate healing powers to bring peace and spiritual harmony. 


Reiki is concerned with healing at all levels of a person's being, by connecting with the Life Force within. Reiki Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, re-establishing spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being and balances the body's energies. 

Integrated Healing:  

This is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of Kinesiology, Psychology, NLP, CBT, Life Coaching, Quantum Science, Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other modalities.

Huana Crystal Signatures: 

This is a unique technique which brings Reiki into the Age of Aquarius using Crystals, Massage, Sound and Colour.

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Stress Management Workshop 

In this workshop you will be given the tools with which to manage your stress level. Breathing techniques and visualization, as well as the Chakras and the Aura are discussed. 1/2 Day workshop 

Usui Reiki I & II Workshop

You will be given an understanding and an introduction to the Usui Reiki system of healing. What Is Reiki and How Does Reiki Work; How to ground, center and protect yourself; Self-healing using Reiki. This process opens your chakras and promotes an emotional and physical cleansing and is particularly beneficial for self-healing and stress management. 2 Day Workshop 

In the second workshop we learn about healing through direct application of the Universal energy as well as the Reiki Symbols and their uses. We practice healing on patients including distance healing. You will gain an understanding how to become a Reiki practitioner. 2 Day Workshop