Soul Work. An Archetypal Journey 

Working with your archetypes and astrological houses to define your guiding lessons and purpose. Discover what motivates you. How to connect with your inner guide and work with your archetypes
2 day workshop. Tea/coffee and light refreshments included. 

The Transformation Game 

Gain insight into how your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies are contributing towards your current situation and gain insight into how to work with these energies.
Up to 1 day. Tea/coffee and light refreshments included.  (Limited to four persons)

Discover your Higher Purpose and achieve the Alchemy of Abundance

Begin by defining your Higher Purpose and then with this in mind move on to making the secret of attracting abundance work. 
2 day workshop. Tea/coffee and light refreshments included. 

Inner Guide meditations 

How to connect with your inner guide, and how to work with your Inner Guide in experiencing and working with your archetypes. Both astrology, the Tarot feature in this important method of self realisation and steps towards personal transformation. 
1 day workshop. Tea/coffee and light refreshments included. 


Meditation course on how to achieve an altered state of consiousness (self-study course on 9 CD's)

Learn how to achieve the meditative state and what to do when meditating. A self-study course with guided meditations and guidelines on 9 CD's)

Out-of-Body / Astral Travel and Astral Projection (self-study course on 12 CD's)

Learn to explore the Astral Plane through the utilization of step-by-step exercises to achieve the age-old technique of a conscious Out-of-Body Astral projection that is a natural ability of the human psyche. This set of CD's will provide you with all the tools required to consciously leave your body and travel through space and time. Understand the process of after-life. Reach out and experience energies from other planes of existence. 

Pathworking on the Tree (self-study course on 22 CD's)

Works through the Tarot 22 major arcane on the 22 Paths on the Tree of Life. Insight into spiritual Growth and working with spiritual energies. Discover the true meaning of the Major Arcana.  22 CD’s and notes provided.